Monday, October 3, 2011

A big of an update

This weekend had a lot of emtions flowing through it ... as usual. On Friday I received a phone call that the in home therapy company we were wanting to use has Jude on a waiting list only. On top of that we received information that getting him a new wheelchair will be a fight. We also began talking about how difficult it is getting to lift Jude thus the future need of a lift in our house is a reality. Jude is literally the size of a 5 year old at 3 years. We know these items are in a future and I just hope they happen without a huge struggle. Wishful thinking? Probably.

The good news is that Emily and I had an amazing weekend together. Every year Emily goes to reign for a pageant system ran by our friend Beverly. When Beverly heard about Emily's charity she stepped forward and offered to create a catagory in her system called the "Emily's Smile Supreme". Every child that registers contributes 100% of their entry fee to Emily's charity. Emily herself picks the girl with the best smile and inner beauty shining through. This year Emily picked a wonderful little girl. After Emily picked her we explained that the little girl has been hospitalized with her own struggles multiple times. Emily had no knowledge of this prior to picking her. This little girl was SO excited when she won the big huge Emily crown. She said it was better than any grand prize she could ever receive. This made Emily VERY happy! Next we were touched by a little girl named Julissa. Julissa walked up to Emily at the pageant and placed a very heavy shoe box in Emily's hands. This little shoe box was covered with Emily's Smile box stickers and sayings. It seems little Julissa had taken it upon herself to create this Shoe Box and take it to all her friends, family, school and more. This girl raise more than $100 in change!!! We were amazed. What an amazing heart!

The huge Emily's Smile Supreme crown.

The sweet donation box Julissa made

Just look at all she collected

So after our eventful weekend we came home to Jude laughing and wanting us to hold him. I took him for a walk, with Big....of course, and Jude giggled most of the way. He is now laying on his mat with smile and giggles waiting for his medication and to go to bed. We will start another week one step at a time and looking forward.  (This was written the night of 10/2)

Ps. Jude was probably up twelve times last night. I am dead on my feet today at work as I am sure Mike is too.

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Anonymous said...

I am SO proud of Emily and Jude you sure do have great kids!