Thursday, October 20, 2011

Emily's Smile Boxes - an old post I noticed didn't publish?

On October 7th Emily held her big 13th birthday combined with an Emily's Smile Boxes fundraiser and box party. She and her friends put together 400.........yes 400 boxes for local hospitals. We don't organize Emily's Smile Box events to expect gratitude we just do them to help others cope with situations we have been through. Although, I have to mention that this event generated 3 emails with pictures and thank you's! We were so happy! It's nice to know that the boxes arrived in the places we designated them to be and that her boxes have made an impact. We adore seeing the pictures of the sweet children with their coloring books and more.

The biggest impact we can hope for is a child that recognizes the importance of helping others. Recently Miss Bailee Ray emailed requesting to hold an Emily's Smile Box event in her home town. She worked so hard to raise the money to put together 50 boxes. She was just shy the total amount when a generous donation from Dustin W came in. We offered to pick up the difference and send her the necessary tools to complete her mission. Her mothers' numerous emails describing her daughters joy in helping others symoblized why Emily's Smile Boxes was established. She even wrote that when she asked her daughter who she would like to invite to help make boxes her daughter picked the one girl she knew had some trouble at home. She wanted to include her in a "worthwhile" event she said. So we may not hear from every child that receives a box. In fact the emails may be slim, but the ones we do receive .............. well they will be the kids that will change the world.

Watch out America. Emily's Smile Boxes and her friends are making bringing the positive to override the negative in the world! I predict lots of Smiles in our nations future!

For further smiles and positive impacts please visit the website for Rachels Challenge. You never know when you may be the "link" to spreading a positive message.

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theebrandie said...

I may just be having an emotional day, but this post brought tears to my eyes! We're so thankful to have been part of this and hope to continue to do it several times a year! God Bless!