Thursday, October 20, 2011

funny and fittings

Yesterday was mine and Mike's anniversary. We plan on celebrating this weekend. Our amazing friend Fleck is going to watch the kids at night when the nurse leaves. We are going to go to the fair and then have a nice dinner out together.

Last night Jude thought his sisters mustache was hilarious...

Just kidding, but she does look funny! I was actually telling Jude how cute he looks in his Polar Bear jammies I got him and he thought it was so funny.

So Jude's teacher wants to take him to aquatic therapy which I am THRILLED about. She thinks he will do very well in the water and I always thought he would too!

Oh and to follow up from my prior blog.......we got denied on diapers.........again. sigh! Oh well. Costco diapers are great.

So we meet Monday with Amigo Mobility at Jude's physical therapists office. They are working on the fitting for Jude's wheelchair. We are also going to talk to to the company about a lift. Jude is getting to heavy for Charlotte and myself to lift. Mike mentioned that sometimes we feel truly uneducated when it comes to therapy equipment for Jude. We feel like he may be lacking for items that would further improve his life because we don't know what to provide him. We research and we listen to his nurse, teachers, etc. I guess I sometimes wish there was a manual about how to care for special needs. Anyone else ever feel this way?