Friday, July 1, 2011

There is a T-Rex after me!!!

So last night I had a very strange dream and I think I know why. I dreamt that I was raising a T-REX. Yes people, I have lost my mind. Anyway, the T-rex was so cute and cuddly and he really loved our family, but I was scared that he would eat the kids when he got older. I was torn between protecting Jude and Emily, but still giving the dinosaur a good home. I remember Mike encouraging me to keep the T-Rex. At one point he looked at the little fellow and said "You won't grow up and eat us will you?". The T-Rex shook his head no and in a growl said "I lub you". Okay.......everyone is laughing now. Anyway, yesterday I told my friends that I had decided not to attend my twenty year high school reunion. It's far to difficult to get a sitter for Jude at night and I don't want to take him up there. I was really alright with not attending the function. The people I would want to see from my high school I already talk to.  I think the dream was the struggle I have with wanting to live a normal life, but not being able to.

So Emily has been insisting on getting Jude's medications ready at night. Last night she even insisted on giving Jude his breathing treatment.

She has been very attentive to Jude lately and a big help to me. I think she realized I was getting a bit overwhelmed with work, the house, and Jude's medications. Now if I can just get her to clean her room without being told :). Jude was very happy last night and giggled himself to sleep. This is great because he had a run in with his fingers again earlier in the day. When Jude is teething he has a tendency to put his fingers in his mouth and chomp down. This time he drew blood and his feelings were very hurt. We try to keep gloves or socks on his hands to prevent this from happening. He happened to get them in his little chompers the one time he didn't have a sock on his hand.

So on July 30th I am holding a banquet at The Regal Princess Pageant I am running. All the proceeds from the banquet will benefit Kids Swing which is a golf tournament that raises money for Scottish Rite. We will be awarded an Emily's Smile Box scholarship that night to the one little girl that has completed the best community service work. If you would like to attend email me and I can get you ticket price information. It will be a nice meal for a wonderful cause! We will also have a dance following the banquet.

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Kim said...

Jenn, I'm not going to the reunion either. I think a lot of us that still talk won't really mind. Kiss the Juders for me!