Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A little update

I have been extremely busy lately so bear with me. I will be this way until the first of August preparing for my upcoming event.

Jude is doing well but decided to pull his first night of no sleep in a long time last night. I am pretty tired and so busy at work today so those two things don't mesh well together. Other than not sleeping well he seems to be doing pretty, especially since we lowered his Klonnopin dosage. He seems to be more alert again and is trying to "talk" more which consists of vowel sounds. Charlotte brought him a new CD yesterday and she said he sounded like he was trying to mimic the singing. She said he would smile and giggle at the music.

Emily is also doing well too. She is getting ready to go to camp for a week and a mission trip following that so she is a busy girl. We have been pretty financially strapped getting her ready for everything. You would think the summer would be cheaper than the school year...wrong! lol.

We are still discussing the KETO diet. Basically Jude has to be checked into the hospital from Tuesday until Friday. This is pretty impossible right now with our work schedules. I do have some family members that are offering to sit with Jude during the day while we work, but I would feel really guilty leaving him. Basically they have to monitor his ketone levels and his blood sugar levels while introducing the diet. Jude cannot tell us if he is feeling bad so the monitoring would insure his safety. The doctor said he treats this diet like another medication. So she would not immediately start lowering medications which was rather disappointing to me. Mike was rather resistant to the idea at first until he said he had a dream that Jude was doing better due to the diet, he felt it was a sign.

I hope everyone is well!

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