Thursday, June 2, 2011

a little update or two

Today marked Emily's last day of school. They are suppose to go tomorrow until 11am, but Emily requested to take her finals early. She is attending an event this weekend where they will be putting together Emily's Smile Boxes. I have kept her grounded from everything else, but since is helping her charity I let her go. She is actually going without me to another state........I am nervous but I know she will be well taken care of. She has a busy summer ahead of her including her first overnight camp in July. I wanted her to attend a camp with her cousin, but the financial portion didn't work out with the dates and Em got in trouble. I am hoping they can swim a lot together this year (hint Sarah) lol!

Jude is doing well but is starting to vomit on a daily basis again, we aren't sure why. We did just increase his medication level so this could be a reaction. Today I finalized a date for Jude to see a new eye doctor to complete some information needed by his future school. We still have not made a final decision on the schooling. I am open to it if he can attend the afternoon class, but I am not sure he can. I also have the KETO dr appointment scheduled for June 20th and I finalized our plans for my cousins wedding today. I also got a lot of work done at my place of business so it's been a successful day. 

I am still praying that the keto diet will work for Jude. The new physical therapist believes that Jude does have the muscle control to hold his head up, but the seizure medication is keeping that from happening. This was more positive news for me since the prior therapist really didn't think Jude had the capability of ever holding his head up. It's amazing the differing opinions inside the medical world. Let me state that the therapist wasn't being mean, she was just giving me her honest opinion based on prior cases. I just have to say that I so admire my husband still scheduling transportation and more for Jude while he has started his new job, thanks hun!

I apologize I have not been blogging as much. I have been dealing with an audit at work that didn't go so well and my over complicated busy schedule that doesn't seem to let up.  I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Sherry C said...

Love the new therapist I bet he can hold his head up too sorry to hear about the vomiting and an audit - those are 2 things I hate.