Monday, June 6, 2011

camp, seizures, and stress

Last week was rough. We had an audit at my office which initially didn't go well. It had me so stressed out that I am now sick today. We ended up passing the audit so I think I am leaving early to get some rest. We also had a lot of customer service situations that demanded a lot of attention and work. It was just an overwhelming week.

Jude's seizures have picked up but we don't really know why. He goes to see the neurologist tomorrow so we will know more then. I am so looking forward to meeting the KETO doctor on 6/20 and seeing what she says. I am anxious to know if she thinks this diet will benefit Jude and his type of seizures. I just wonder how he will be without all the seizure medication.

So Emily and I were supposed to go to to Arkansas this past weekend to attend a pageant/dance camp where the campers were going to put together Emily's Smile Boxes. Honestly, I just didn't have the money to go there, stay, food, etc and make my cousins wedding in three weeks. So our wonderful friends running the camp stepped up and offered to take her with them. They drove in a motor home so Em said she watched "Real Housewive" all the way to Arkansas and thought that was fun. She then slept in a king size bed with our friends where I hear she was pretty restless. So bless their hearts for taking her. Emily said she made new friends and just had a great time. This was the first time she had to head up a Smile Box event without me, but it seems it went just fine. The boxes will be delivered to the Children's hospital in Little Rock.  Here is a picture of her giving a speech on her Smile boxes.

and here are the campers making boxes

and this is our friend Cristina giving Em her certificate of completion for camp

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