Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful for our nurses

Jude still gets up some at night, but not as much as he used to. We also still have his monitor turned up high while we are sleeping, or trying to sleep. We have the monitor on in case he chokes or seizes in the middle of the night. Charlotte gets here early in the morning and when she does I give her an update of our night with Jude. If something signifigant happens then I write it down in a spiral notebook we both share to relay information.  Once I give Charlotte my update I go lay down for about 15-20 sounds so strange, but it has become my me time. For that amount of time I turn off the monitor, I close the blinds, I turn off all lights, and I I don't ever go back to sleep but I just breathe. I don't have anyone asking me for food, any deadlines to meet, or anyone upset. Charlotte must think I am really lazy or Although these simple minutes in the morning have helped revive my emotional well being. I am now beginning to eat very healthy in the morning, walk at night, and just remember to live. It's amazing what twenty minutes can do and it's all thanks to one amazing nurse.

There is so much I could say about Charlotte and Alan but it's probably been said before. I am just thankful we have people that put up with our messy house, our hectic schedules, and love our son.


Anonymous said...

I have met charolette she is one of a kind!

Cheeky Chums 4 Premature Babies said...

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