Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crazy toes, hush your mouth, and a special day

I was determined to have a relaxing day today. Emily and I got up this morning to go to our friends salon and we got our hair done. After that we headed out to the nail salon. I haven't had a pedicure in forever and I treated Emily to a manicure. Occasions at the nail salon are always reserved for special days in my house. It's money we can use elsewhere. Today I realized that I might have a little extra money to do something special. So when the lady asked me what color I told her ...... "do something funky and whimsy". I came out with pink toes, with black tips, and a cute design on my big toes. From this I learned I had the movie "Black Swan" playing out on my toenails. I think I needed white toes with pink tips........I am to snow white. I also learned........I am not young! I will enjoy my funky toes while they last, but they just aren't me. I decided I am okay with that.

I tried to pick things to do today that would be relaxful for Em and I both. I know she doesn't need to exert a lot of energy. We briefly attended a friends birthday party. Her daughter requested all the gifts be in the form of donations to Emily's Smile Boxes, which is so thoughtful. Although, we quickly headed home so Emily could rest. Although, on our way home tonight my wonderful daughter turned into a something resembling a demon. She was ungrateful, mouthy, and obviously very tired. She requested to go to a friends house, but I refused because I knew she was overly tired. She needed her sleep to heal her body. She threw one heck of a 3 yr old vs 13 yr old fit! Once we got home she stomped off to her loft and began working on a project. I heard her cutting, pasting, taping, and more. Which is fairly funny because Mike says Emily has a tape problem. He also promises that when she marries he will tape the entire inside of her house "just because". Anyway, I figured that Emily was making some rather smart alec signs in regards to my refusal to give into what she wanted. After about 45 minutes I stomped upstairs to find a long paper chain filled with wonderful messages to me. I acted like I didn't see anything and sunk backwards down the stairs in a tail between my legs fashion.

I guess kids will be kids, but I am lucky to be the mom of two wonderful children. Jude cannot speak, but yet he has found a voice to thousands. Emily is so kind hearted that she has touched hundreds of children and adults. She may have her moments, but she makes up for them up in grand fashion.

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The Redhead Riter said...

Happy Mother's Day to all women - mothers and all those who want to be a mother!