Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Planes and a sleepy baby

I had verbally convinced myself that I wasn't stressed about my plane ride tomorrow with Emily. I am not keen on flying, but I was sucking it up for the weekend for her. Anyway, that's all I dreamed about last night. First I was at the airport without Em, next we were there without the luggage, next I was having a panic attack boarding the plane. I woke up a bit stressed.

Jude slept until noon yesterday......we aren't sure why. Maybe he is growing? Maybe the seizures are to much? He is going for blood work today to check his medication levels. I requested this because they were wanting to increase his seizure medications. I would like to see his levels before we throw more medication on him. In addition I told the neuro my concerns about the failure to hear back from the Keto doctor. He said there are not many neuro's that are doing the Keto diet and this doctor is suppose to be one of the best. I explained that I am growing very frustrated and might try to find a Keto doctor on my own.

I will let everyone know what Jude's blood results are. I fly out tomorrow so I probably won't blog again until Monday. Have a safe weekend everyone!

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