Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just to darn busy

Funny story from this morning. So I always pack Emily's lunch for school and Mike's lunch for work every night. I place them in the fridge so they can pick them up on their way out in the morning. Well Mike didn't need a lunch yesterday and therefore his lunch box wasn't on the kitchen island last night. Guess who forgot to pack his lunch? I heard him open the fridge door about 6am this morning and I said "UH OH" really loud.

Mike: (sticking out his bottom lip) you forgot to make my lunch
Me: I know I am sorry! I have really been over busy lately and just forgot
Mike: but you forgot to make my lunch
Me: Yes I know.........
Mike: but I only have $5...
Me: hands him $3...only cash in my wallet
Mike: What is this going to buy me?
Me: something?
Mike: You would think you only have ONE kid
Me: Laughing

Mike leaves and I get a text " I still love you even though you hate my stomach"


Danielle said...

This is a beautiful exchange of banter! I wish I could have responded in this way when this similar thing happened to me and my husband. I need to lighten up and not take things so seriously.

Gilda said...

Lol! so sweet thanks for sharing.

jennifer m said...

I laughed out loud with this post! its funny how little things make such a big difference and we dont really notice until they are forgotton or taken. i sure as a grown man he survived :o)

I am new to your blog. You are a very courageous and strong woman and I wish you the best :o)

I am from Ontario Canada and follow you now everyday with my morning tea.