Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well I am pretty sure I have been pregnant for two years.......seriously. So Jude did the belly roll last night.....moms will know what I mean. Where your entire stomach rolls and you see arms and legs trying to poke through. It just so happened that Mike looked over at the exact time Jude did this and I heard "OH MY GOSH MAKE HIM STOP!!!" HA!. He was very active last night and I enjoyed watching him wiggle. I did end up having the strangest dream ever though after I feel asleep. I dreamt that Jude was so long his hands popped out of my chest and I could see them. So the doctors kept having to push my lungs and heart back in?!?! STRANGE! So they finally took him early so I would be ok. Anyway, I will updated this blog tomorrow right after the 4d sonogram. I should be back in the office by about 10am. I just went and picked up some lunch and on my way back I passed Emily's daycare. I saw her on the van going to Midevil times for a field trip and I teared up. I worry about her being out with other people, and it just made me sad I wasn't with her. I know I am a worry wart, but I have lost a lot of people in my life. Stupid money controls the world I guess so unless you win the lottery you have to work for a living and not be at home. Anyway, I am both nervous and excited about tomorrow. Em and Mike are both going with me. I will updated soon!

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