Sunday, June 22, 2008


Good afternoon all. Well Friday we moved at the office, and Saturday I went by there to finish some stuff up. So I have been pretty busy to say the least. Today I am relaxing because I am not feeling that great. I brushed off not feeling that great last night and just laid on the couch with Mike. I had a horrible time sleeping though. My back was hurting, head was hurting, swelling, kidney, blah blah blah. Only thing that kinda concerned me was the baby wasn't moving as much and my tummy seemed smaller. When I did feel him he is so far down it was like he was about to stick his foot out (I know rather graphic...sorry). I thought just for another opinion I would call my cousin for her midwife opinion. She said the baby probably turned towards my spine which is what I had thought last night. Also that from moving around so much I may have leaked some fluid which is a possibility too. Anyway, taking it easy today because my head is still hurting. I am just going to watch Jude's movement today. Like I said I am not that concerned, but after making it this far through this pregnancy I would rather be a little cautious than have something happen. Plus I feel like poo and am just complaining...grrr. ha! Emily is very bored at the house today following me around. I explained I am not her pet monkey her to entertain her, but it doesn't seem she understands that...:). I don't mind though but it is rather funny. As a child I could entertain myself for hours, but she likes to be where you are. She laid in bed with me forever watching shows and that was nice. I realize it won't be much longer until she is shut up in her room as a teenager. Oh and I got Jude's stroller in the mail!!! I am not sure if I posted that before but I am super excited. It's my whole travel system with the car seat and the stroller. My aunt and her mother in law sent it to me. It's super cute and Mike put it together right away!! Well tomorrow it's back to work. I hope everyone has a good day!!!

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