Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ok so per my prior blog I did end up scheduling the 4D sonogram and it will be during the appointment next Thursday with my OB. I explained to them I really don't want to go back to the level 2 specialist. I am sure I will catch some lectures over that, but I have made up my mind. Although, I would go see them again right before I deliver if they find it necessary. This is a wait and see issue now anyway, and we will have to see how Jude is when he is born. Also, I am hoping the little booger is not on his belly again for this 4d like he was last time. So far I don't have any good face shots well except one 2d where he looks like Homer Simpson. Those great 2d shots are so strange looking! Anyway, he is currently moving around as I am writing this. He moved a lot last night too while I was sitting on the couch with Mike. Mike was watching my shirt move up and down from Jude kicking my stomach. I still think Emily moved more than Jude does, but I heard that is rather common with boys. So I am getting very hot at night when I sleep, and the lower the air is in the house the better I sleep. I know it's not comfortable for Mike though to have it cold so when he got up this morning and when upstairs I turned the air down low. I snuggled back into my bed and covered up and fell sound asleep. Suddenly I heard my darling husband yell "OH MY WORD IT'S COLD DOWN HERE!!". I hid under my sheets and just laughed. He then went on and on about how this pregnancy was going to be the death of him......:). Hey I am the one that is hot here! My cousin called me today to chit chat and I was glad to hear her voice. She has had a lot of company in town and I haven't been able to talk to her as much. I told her I have hit that stage where pregnancy just isn't fun anymore. It happens people!!! Yes yes I know "enjoy your pregnancy". Dude, I am hot, tired, my back hurts, I can barely get out of the bath tub, my feet are swelling horribly, I am carrying extra weight, and I am ready for the 10 weeks to pass and to have him. I am thankful he is still in there healthy though, and he needs more time to grow inside. So yesterday I was in my bath reading an article on Angelina Jolie and her twins. Then when I got out and turned on the TV there is Tori Spelling in her show and she was at the doctor having a sonogram. I wondered if there are any celebrities that have medical scares with their babies. You don't ever hear about anything like that happening. Of course, their bodies also don't look like a road map of stretch marks afterwards. Although, if they did have issues I would like to know. I would think it would be a good way to bring awareness and research on subjects like this. Well I am off to work it's another busy day here.

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