Monday, July 25, 2016

Moving Forward

I had a moment this weekend in a movie where I started to cry a bit. We went to see Tarzan and there is a scene where the mother Gorilla lifts Tarzan up and cradles him like a baby even though you can see he is much older and a full size child. His feet extended far beyond her lap but it didn't keep her from cradling him. I thought of Jude and how I held him at night and I shed a few tears but then I remembered how wonderful it felt to hold him. How incredibly lucky am I that I had such a wonderful experience in my lifetime. I had a baby for almost eight years who loved his mother with every ounce of love he had. He was purely innocent. 

Jude just had a sweet presence about him and a look in his eye. 

He liked to tuck his little bottom lip in when he was thinking about something important. 

and dart his little eyes when he was being cute. 

and he was always sweet even when he didn't feel well. 

I have mentioned we should all strive to be like Jude but I have to strive to be like him as well. Jude never got angry over insignificant matters and in the grand scheme of things every single item but our loved ones lives is insignificant. Without our loved ones our lives just don't matter much because if you think about it we live to be loved and give love.  If Jude was ever angry it's because he was physically hurting. I wonder if we all decided to refrain from getting angry unless we were physically hurt what would happen. I understand that is impossible but I still wonder. 

I remember sitting in the hospital room with Jude feeling honored I could be by his side but crying when he hurt. It was an honor just to hold him and be with him for comfort. I miss being with him but I don't miss him hurting and I know he is no longer in pain. Jude taught me a lot including letting go of the past and this weekend I did a lot of letting go. Nothing will bring Jude back and that's hard to take. Nothing will bring anyone back that I have lost throughout my life so I plan to keep their memory safe in my heart and move forward the best I can. 

Our closing on our new home Has been delayed. We are requesting some prayers that we close by Thursday because we really need possession by Friday. If we don't obtain possession it's going to be a MESS for me to clean up in regards to utilities and moving companies. I would for once like things to be..........smooth. 

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