Thursday, April 30, 2015

A scary moment

Jude is up and down. He literally leaves us guessing most of the time. I thought he looked better yesterday when I left for work but when I got home he gave us a huge scare. During the time we didn't have a nurse Jude began coughing pretty frequently. At one point he got so choked up that we were trying to clear him and his heart rate started rapidly falling. He fell all the way from 140 down to the 60's.....but we finally got him cleared and it started rising again. Then his oxygen began was an interesting night for sure. His breathing was very labored throughout the night and his alarms went off fairly frequently. I got up to check on him several times and did not want to get out of bed this morning for work. When I finally drug my carcass out of bed I checked on Jude and he looked better. He would turn his head to where ever my voice was and I knew he wanted to be held but I had to leave for work. Due to his crisis issues I didn't hold him on the couch like I normally do the night before I simply held him in his bed. I am sure he was missing our cuddle time. Jude has never had his heart rate dip like that before that I can remember and it scared me! I will see how he does with Charlotte today before I begin forming any new conclusions or assumptions. 

Tonight there is a special wine and chocolate event in my small town. I was suppose to go meet a few of my girlfriends. I was really looking forward to it since I rarely get out and I am hoping I can go. However if Jude conditions worsens I will be home. So it just depends on how the day goes. 

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