Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An ER visit and Jude is smiley

So yesterday as I was talking to my co-worker she noticed I kept pausing to take a deep breath to finish my conversation. It's almost become habit for me now. I also still didn't feel very well. So she convinced me to go to the ER. I didn't text or call anyone except Emily and Mike. I didn't want to alarm anyone until I found out exactly what was going on. Basically they ran a battery of tests. I was tachycardic but I always am a bit, elevated blood pressure, and needed some oxygen. Their tests basically showed it's exactly what I thought and nothing life threatening. The doctor did say he believes their is an issue but since it's not life threatening he said it could wait until the doctor visit on Thursday and gave me a host of paperwork to take with me. He also said he believes I have some pleurisy near my upper sternum. This could be the sole cause but I will find out. I am happy my intuition was accurate. After Thursday I am sure I will be back to my old self very soon.

So I had my window fixed in my van yesterday and on my way to work today as I was driving down the highway my drivers side door just...........opens. This was so my luck that I laughed out loud. So I called the shop and they sent someone to my office to fix it, whew!

I was so tired after my adventure yesterday that I only got up once to check on Jude last night. He still has his cough but nurse Charlotte said he is up in the wheelchair today smiling and only using 2 liters of oxygen. Hopefully he will continue this trend for awhile.

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