Friday, April 10, 2015

A day in the life of Jude shown in pictures

Over the last two weeks I have had two amazing photographers visit our home. First was one of my very best friends Sarah Miloud who owns Sarah Miloud Photography. I included a few of her pictures in this set but she has a lot of pictures pending and she will show our personal days with Jude. The other photographer was Jill from Selah photography. She came out and spent the morning with nurse Charlotte and Jude. She did an amazing job of showing Jude's daily schedule, daily struggle, and the pure love that we all feel for him including his amazing nurse. Below you will find her photo's and the slideshow will end with a preview of Sarah's. I hope this gives my readers a better understanding of my words that course through this blog. Just press play and you can make it full screen by pressing the full screen icon next to the sound bar. Thank you for watching.


Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing photos, really brought a tear to my eye. It's so evident how well jude is cared for and how much he is loved by everyone around him.

(Katie from VM board)

Alison said...

These pictures are truly beautiful. Thank-you for sharing them.