Monday, April 20, 2015

Emily's big win and Jude's fever

I am exhausted but happy. It was an amazing weekend with friends and watching Emily compete. I was able to sip some wine and enjoy great conversation with really good people. Emily and her friends did very well at the pageant. They seemed to truly enjoy their time together and I think it helped relax them all. Emily looked the best she ever has this weekend and radiated with confidence when she was on stage. Emily has struggled a bit in the past with interview so this weekend she said she was just going to have fun and be herself. I am so glad she finally registered that she should just be herself and let her personality shine. When she came out of interview she was just beaming with joy because it went so well.

I have to say that I am very proud of Emily but not just for doing a great job. I am proud of her for not giving up because I would have. She was determined to use each competition she didn't place in and each disappointment to better herself and try again. Due to her determination and hard work she succeeded and reached her goal of being Dallas Teen USA. Now Emily will be sponsored to go to Texas teen in November and obtain her goal of getting in the top 15 and maybe even Texas Teen USA. I say we all road trip!

I think one of the cutest sights this weekend was when we looked up and Emily's cousin Faith that competed with her was bawling because Emily won. She was so happy for her the tears just flowed.

Unfortunately when Emily and I got home Jude didn't look that well to me. He was pale and restless so I took his temp and it was 99.3. I gave him some Motrin and let the night nurse know. I heard Jude's alarms go off throughout the night. I got up about 6am to check on Jude and he was burning up to the touch. I took his temp and under his arm it was 101.7. So I again gave him Motrin but then his heart rate got out of control due to the fever and it spiked to over 200. I got some wet rags and more to try to bring it down and gave him some Morphine. Eventually it went into the 160's so I felt comfortable enough to lay back down for awhile. When I was leaving for work he still had a low grade temp and he looked very pale but he was smiling at me. If he is responsive during a temp that's good. So I know Charlotte will work with him today and I am sure Hospice will go by to check on him and see what they think the course of action should be if any. Hopefully he is feeling better soon.


Lisa said...

Congrats to Emily! And continued prayers and best wishes for you all.

Brenda said...

So happy for Emily on her win. She is absolutely beautiful. I know you are so proud! Continuing to pray for your family.