Monday, April 27, 2015

Mom down! Mom down!

For your second and you freaking kidding me moment I have pneumonia. Not even kidding. Guess they weren't joking when they said this particular strain of highly infectious. I left work today and went by the doctor where I got an x Ray and a prescription for drugs that will fix me quickly. I decided to spare my co workers and head home for the day.  Note to friends and family if you start coughing and feeling poorly just go in! Don't try to remedy it on your own like me. No worries I'll be back to myself soon!

Jude on the other hand doesn't look well at all. His antibiotics have been going about 48 hours now and he looks worse to me. He is sleeping more and his color seemed to rapidly deteriorate last night. I have debated on calling hospice in to see him but we all know Jude can quickly recover. So I think I'm going to wait until his 4pm antibiotic and reevaluate the situation. I will post an update.

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Brenda Rhodes said...

I know its not easy but try to rest. I've had pneumonia a few times and it really kicks your butt. It takes a while to get your energy back and get over the cough. But you knew all that I'm sure. Remember you can't help Jude if your in the hospital! Praying for your family in Arkansas.