Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The bruises and the highway

So both of Jude's doctors I wrote contacted me after seeing the pictures and seemed fairly concerned. His neuro ordered a whole host of labs. I explained I didn't get off work today until after the lab closed. However I could take Jude to the pediatric urgent care center and I knew they had a lab there. They had done blood tests on Jude before. They acknowledged that was a good idea and sent me over a request for specific labs.

Skip to when I got home and loaded Jude in the car. It started with Jude throwing up on me prior to leaving. Once I got him cleaned up he coughed and choked the whole way to the facility.  Once there I covered his mouth with a mask so people would know he is immune deficient and that he is also sick. I know people are a little freaked out with all the viruses so I just put it out there...stay away. So the nurses get him back to triage and the doctor ended up coming in. I thought to myself, "this is new.......a doctor in triage!!"  She explained she heard Jude coughing and she looked up his history. I said "uh oh". She said that she was concerned they might not have the level of care he needed and then asked why I thought he might be anemic. I lifted his arm and she said "OH MY!". ugh that's not reassuring. I then handed her the labs the neurologist wants and she explained that their lab could not run coagulates. She said those would be very important in Jude's case. She then told me that his CBC probably hasn't changed much but that all the tests as a whole put together would be what he needs. They would all need to be reviewed. She then told me how concerned she was and that if Jude is bleeding under the skin he might be bleeding elsewhere. I promised we would either get him to the ER tonight or to a lab first thing in the am. We currently have him scheduled for an 8am lab. She knew Jude's history didn't have any issues with anemia or blood.

So I packed Jude back up and all HELL broke loose. Jude began coughing (left over from the virus), then choking, then vomiting, then I would pull over. It was an endless cycle. I used my hazard lights on the side of the highway so many times that I finally just sat there on 114 in the semi trucks glow crying my eyes out. I just lost it and screamed and screamed. Then I hugged Jude and imagined if I was frustrated how on Earth he must feel. After many frequent stops we finally made it home. Mike and Emily weren't home yet so I ran to open the door so I could carry Jude in. There in the porch light was a giant spider...of course. So I stepped on it and babies went everywhere. I chalked this up to a shitastic day and I am hoping tomorrow is much better. I am hoping these labs just say it's a fluke or a deficiency.

Ps. I will say that since taking Jude off his Clonidine he hasn't had .............. one single attack!!!

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