Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Baclofen was removed.

Jude had all the remaining Baclofen removed from his pump yesterday and they inserted saline in it's place. There is Baclofen that remained in his catheter and it should be gone today. So I will start with the good news that Jude was great last night! He still wanted to be held but he didn't have any autonomic attacks. He was very sweet, loving, talkative, and back to his oldself. He did have an attack earlier in the day with Charlotte, but last night was great.

Now the not so great news is that the doctor said the next four days will probably be very difficult. He said Baclofen withdrawal can be really hard to get through. We are staying on top of giving Jude 4ml's of Baclofen every four hours so I am hoping this is an easy transition for him. I plan on checking in with Charlotte soon to see how he is doing.

I am still calling checking on the nursing and I am still being told the doctor hasn't reviewed the case. I am holding out hope I don't have to attend this hearing on Monday.

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