Thursday, September 25, 2014

A quick update

Jude seems to be doing better! He is such a little fighter. He is still coughing but not as bad as he was. He is also still having some issues holding his oxygen level at night. We have submitted everything through that Jude is now on a 24/7 continous feed in addition to all his new orders but we still haven't gotten a letter in the mail approving the nursing. So I am guessing we will have to go forward with the full hearing. Rather ridiculous in my eyes but we will follow through the steps. I sometimes picture how a personal care attendant would react if you brought them in to care for Jude. I am sure I would have issues the very first day.

I just wanted to update that he seems to be doing better. It's been a long healing process and we are hoping he only continues to improve.

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