Monday, September 22, 2014

A big bruise and a great weekend

The Emily's Smile Box Day featuring the Pediatric stroke walk/run went amazing. I was so impressed with the amount of small children that came out to participate in the event. All the little kids put on their little white T shirt and on the back it read "I did it for Jude". They all set off on the 3.1 mile journey and their parents encouraged them the whole way. Their moms told them about a little boy who cannot walk and how they were doing this for him. Every single person crossed the finish line. It was a very emotional moment. The little kids were so proud of their medals and they seemed to truly understand that they had accomplished a big task.

After the race they put together 250 Emily's Smile Boxes to benefit local pediatric hospitals! We had amazing volunteers who packed up all the boxes and took them to different facilities.

Jude is still home but he is coughing literally constantly. I cannot get him to QUIT coughing. When I got home tonight Jude was upright in his wheelchair eating from his G button and enjoying the TV. He seemed a bit uncomfortable so I got him out and put him on his futon, but he was still angry. So I picked him up and put him on my lap as we watched TV. He was happy for about 45 minutes and then he was angry again. So I went to lay him down and I saw a HUGE bruise on his arm. I gasped and I felt so bad for him. I know everyone in his life is good to him so I started searching for answers and I settled on the wheelchair. I think Jude was so toned out he was burying his elbows into the arm rests. However I was still very concerned about the bruise that surfaced within hours. If he has anymore I may have his Liver enzymes tested.

I decided to delete the rest of this blog because it didn't really matter. Only thing that matters is Jude and his health. :).

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