Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Judes isn't well and the recap off Miss Teen

Jude had a bad night and to be honest I was so exhausted that I didn't hear him like Mike did. I would get up after hearing him cough, gag, and try to vomit only to find Mike already standing in his room. Every now and then I have nights like this. I guess it's a build up of not sleeping and it's Mike that hears Jude first vs me. So I would see Jude was being taken care of and shuffle back to bed. About 1:30am Mike gave Jude some Motrin and he seemed to do a little better. We knew he had a wet cough going to Houston, but the car ride upright really helped him. However, stack on the change in weather.......AGAIN and he is not well. Charlotte said his pulse ox was 97 (good), heart rate 125 (a little elevated), but she couldn't hear breath sounds in the bottom left lung in the front or the back. When she told me that I really just felt like crying. However, later she texted that after his breathing treatment that lung opened up. So right now we are just watching Jude. He is still smiling and has no fever so let's hope Jude's classic signs are not so classic at all.

The weekend went well. I think I build up getting away so much that sometimes it lets me down. A lot of parents are so excited about the pageant. I am, but I am also always excited about the mini vacation we get away from home. The families at the pageant get a lot of free time. We drove down to Galveston and had lunch in front of the ocean. We also walked through Moody gardens for a little bit.

Emily did very well this weekend and we were very proud of her. She was great in swimsuit and stunning in evening gown.

 (she is the blue pants second row)
 Emily and friends
 Jude supporting his sister
 Emily's ad page

The best part was that Emily was so much more relaxed this year. She said she met a lot of people and truly had fun back stage. She kept sending me funny pictures and texts all weekend and she felt more a part of a family. She did say she felt a little like she doesn't fit in with certain people, but I feel that way too sometimes. Emily's goal was just to get in the top 15 this year. We really didn't want her to win because she is still so young to actually go compete for Miss Teen USA. That would be better at 16-18 so she is gaining experience right now. When they called the top 15 and Emily wasn't announced I saw her still smiling on stage. Once the other contestants were dismissed Emily went back stage and texted me that she was fine. She said she has three more years to try and she is still very young compared to a lot of the other girls. I knew she was still disappointed but I am so glad she has such a positive attitude. Once the winner was announced Emily was able to come off the stage. She was so excited because her friend Kellie (above in the white) was announced as the new Miss Texas Teen USA 2014. I think Emily will really enjoy watching her online in the Bahamas as she competes for Miss Teen USA. So overall it was a good weekend. Emily will now take a break and then decide if she wants to try for Dallas again and if she wants to try again. I am sure she will.

So we are back home and trying to get fully unpacked. We are watching Jude closely and we will hopefully know more about him soon. We have someone else coming to give us an estimate on the bathroom tonight so we will be making a decision soon. In the mean time we will be praying that Judes illness goes away very soon.

We are super busy SUPER busy at work. So I am off to answer phones.

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Reagan Leigh said...

Love that dress!! She's a gorgeous girl with a great heart!