Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jude, Ice, and more oh my!

Welcome to the re-cap of Iceamegaddon 2013! lol. On Thursday night at work they had predicted there would be some unpleasant weather hitting the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We took note of these warning, but we also know that the weather changes within about 5 seconds here so it's always a wait and see situation. When my boss was leaving on Thursday he went to get in his car and called to tell me, "drop everything and go my car is frozen". So here is the situation with TX and winter weather.....we don't do it! Yes, we know that people up North endure this all the time, but we don't. First, we get ice and a lot of it not snow so this creates extremely dangerous driving conditions. We also have very few sand/salt trucks and I had never even seen a snow plow until this weekend. So Texas just isn't prepared for situations like this.

The ice began falling Thursday night and it fell.........all night! When we got up the next morning this is what we saw

That's ice......not snow.

Jude's nurse couldn't make it in on Friday so I got to spend the amazing day with Jude. Well until I realized I actually HAD to go to work to release a deposit I had forgotten to release. I drove in the Ice bowl of 89 and many others this was the worst storm I have ever driven in. The semi's had melted some of the ice and this had created huge ice ruts in the highway. It was like driving on a horrible old country road with large potholes. Which in turn caused this situation.


That's hundreds of Semi's stranded. I felt so sorry for them! Many of them said they were from up North and had never experienced anything like this. They had been stuck for more than 24 hours, were running out of gas, and now the stations were running out of gas. Luckily I did see some people bringing drivers food and water.

Here is a video of Emily crashing and burning in the back fence.

So we are very thankful for a warm home, electricity, and water during this Texas ice storm. I got three full days of taking care of Jude and it was nice. I gave him his baths and my back can testify we are REALLY thankful for the bathroom money. Anyway, he still has a very bad cough, but we are staying on top of it and he is a super happy little boy. I think he is happy we had some ice days. Tomorrow we head back to work and I will miss Jude. He has really been talking to me and has been insisting I hold him. I got a lot of laundry done, but not without his resistance. I would share a video of him with you, but my links are being stubborn so I will save it for tomorrow.

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