Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A quick little update

I am not sure why I couldn't use the proper words on my prior blog, but I am chalking it up to very cold fingers. I am NOT a winter person at all. The dark gloomy skies make me cold and cranky. I would rather be sitting in 105 degree weather vs. being cold and miserable. Some people are cold weather and some are warm weather..........I am most definitely a warm weather person.

Today we have our LAST bid on the bathroom. I am anxious to see how the pricing comes out and then we will make a final decision.

Jude is well. He still has his rotten cough which increases when he is upright, but there is no temperature issues. Charlotte and I both noticed yesterday that Jude would turn towards our voices but he would never "find" us. Meaning he would never focus on us. Generally he will look at you very briefly before his brain scrambles what he is seeing and then he looks away. His brain "scrambles" because of the cortical visual impairment. Yesterday he didn't do this. She believes he is seeing shadows because it's been so dark and gloomy outside. I was very happy to see Jude yesterday whenever I got home from work. After being with him for several days I missed him terribly.

Hope everyone stays warm!

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