Monday, December 16, 2013

Jude's dr visit and the Emily's Smile Box event

Saturday we took Jude into the doctor and they said they believe that he has a sinus infection which is causing drainage which is in turn causing Jude's cough. So she prescribed him Augmentin to clear up the sinus issue. Unfortunately, Jude woke up throughout the night, vomiting, crying, and with bright red cheeks. So he had a reaction to the medication and getting the medication changed out has been like pulling teeth. However I am sure it will get resolved. So Saturday night was full of us using the suction machine and trying to keep Jude comfortable.

I had to be up very early on Sunday to get ready for the Emily's Smile Box Christmas party so I was dragging a bit. However, the party itself turned out wonderful. Our turn out wasn't as big as it normally is, but that's okay. We filled 250 boxes, Santa visited all the kids, we collected 20 coats for the homeless, and 2 boxes full of toys for Toys for Tots. We then went to deliver the boxes to 4 different hospitals, but Cook's in Fort Worth could use them all.

Here are some photo's from the event.


We are blessed beyond measure with supportive friends who continue to help Emily's Smile Boxes. Thank you for all your help!

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