Friday, December 27, 2013

Jude and his cough

Jude has been dealing with a chronic cough for the last month. I figured this may be related to either the empyema or his chronic lung disease. We tried to treat the cough for two weeks with breathing treatments and CPT, but then we gave in and went to urgent care. They stated they believed the cough was due to a sinus infection that was causing drainage and therefore made Jude cough. However, after a round of antibiotics the cough is even worse. Jude cannot sit up straight without coughing so hard he vomits.

 So I called Jude's pulmonologist yesterday and explained all the symptoms and information. Since it's now been a month they put him on steroids and increased his breathing treatments. They also said it's okay to keep him at a 45 degree incline like they would in the hospital. It wasn't a good night because Jude woke up coughing several times.

Jude's oxygen level in his blood is good, his color is good, and he is still smiling which are all good signs. However, this cough is awful. I am wondering if other special needs moms could provide any information they have on chronic lung disease and how you have dealt with it. When did you start to notice it was getting worse? This issue concerns me and I am hoping the steroids will work for Jude!

Also, we got some bad news regarding the bathroom conversion. I am so irritated by it that I can't even blog about it yet. I just have to try to find a solution.


dannette said...

Try putting vicks on the soles of his feet and then put socks on his feet. I also put a little up on Meya's chest. Otherwise we do pulmicort 1x day for 9 months of the year - Aug-May and add albuterol when I hear wheezing. We also have a suction machine that I tend to use lots when she has a cough. It is all lots of listening and just knowing how our kiddo sounds. Meya has crap lungs from being a micro preemie.

Anne Carlo said...

hi, im sure you checked this out but just wondering... could it be gerd? my son has cp, is gtube fed, has seizures and asthma. he was on alot of pulmacort and duoneb with the nebulizer for a long while, as he was still coughing but not wheezing the pulmonogist recommended gi see him and it was there that they decided to try prilosec and bam. it did the trick... best to you and your beautiful son. anne in ny

Cjengo said...

Hey Anne ~ yes he is on antacid. Danette we tried the natural eucalyptus oils on his feet. He gets pulmicort and albuterol twice a day and they have increase the albuterol to every three hours :/