Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We are almost packed to leave for Miss Texas Teen USA 2014............but I got a text from Charlotte today. She said that Judes heart rate is high, his respiratory rate is elevated, and his temp is on the high end of normal. It's Judes CLASSIC symptoms that he is developing aspiration pneumonia. We are hoping and praying Jude is just having either a reaction to the weather or has a mechanical obstruction that we can get out.

Our plan of action is to watch Jude all day tomorrow. If he deteriorates he will not get to go again this year and Mike will stay behind.......again. However if he stays the same or improves we will indeed leave out for Houston. I have a few fears.......I don't want to get to an unfamiliar place and Jude rapidly go down hill thus winding up in a strange hospital. I also don't want to leave him behind when he could come with us and be a part of an important weekend for our family. I want him to be with us and I know Emily does too. However, Jude's health is more important. So we are on a stand still. We will know by 6pm tomorrow which route we are going. We would really like some time away together as a family.

The good thing is that Jude is still smiley which is a good sign. He is resting peacefully right now on his little Futon. I sent some prayers out earlier in the day to a few people I care about asking for prayers. Now we are asking everyone to join in. Not just prayers that he can go, but that he stays well. I am not sure his little body can continue to handle pneumonia.

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