Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's okay I promise.

Yesterday I was talking to a woman who started asking me about my picture of Jude in my office. I explained to her that Jude had a stroke and that's why he is in a wheelchair. She was mortified. I was proud of her for asking lots of questions.

1. Could I feel it when it happened? No
2. Is he okay now? No

The questions went on and I answered them for her. She finally looked at me and said "I am so so sorry". I just smiled kindly at her and replied "There is no reason to be sorry. Jude is very happy. He will never know the fears, heartbreak, or evil we know. All he understands is pure love and his eyes can tell you he is a very happy little boy".  Then I took the opportunity to tell her about Emily's Smile Boxes and she seemed much more comfortable.

All Jude love and happiness. What an amazing life that is!

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Anonymous said...

Wow.such an amazing are an amazing mom.And Jude and Emily are extremely lucky to have you