Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A positive.

I am blessed. I choose to believe this and I know it's true. This morning I already received two amazing video's/picture montages through social media. The first my cousin sent me and I thought it was so amazing. I really encourage you to watch it.

The title is misleading to me. I thought it might make me feel unsatisfied with my life, but it actually made me smile. I am grateful for every single bean I have and very satisfied with my beans that have passed. Would I rather be rich so I can be at home with my children.......sure, but overall I am happy. My only regret is that I would like another child. It's something we planned and something we talked about, but financially it's not a possibility at this point.

Anyway, the next item I received was this inspirational set of pictures.  just take a moment to look at them. This is their normal. She loves him so much that she will carry him for the rest of their lives. People tell us all the time, "I don't know how you do it". We do it because of love and because we want to! Jude deserves 100% and this ladies husband deserved the same.

Jude had a good night after his Botox shots. He was a bit uncomfortable so I put him to bed about thirty minutes prior to his normal bed time, but he slept well. He wasn't super smiley this morning, but I am sure he will be after his Motrin. Last night Mike reluctantly under his own will shared the fundraiser for Jude's bathroom Gena set up. He said he had crunched all the numbers he could and it was time. Within hours his friends had gotten the funds up to $1500!!! In addition several people stepped forward and said they were contractors that did tile, bath's, etc and were willing to help. Mike said if he can find a general contractor to put the sub contractors under and a plumber then we can make this work!!! Mike can do all the demo work. It's finally happening and we will be getting this done for Jude. In fact he had friends that said they can find items very inexpensive and we might be able to keep my tub! I am trying not to get to excited until it happens, but at least this provides hope.

Again we are blessed.

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