Monday, November 18, 2013

Whew it's a long blog!

Well it was an interesting weekend at our household. I got the final bid on Friday regarding converting the bathroom and eliminating the tub. I expected it to fit neatly in to the amount that's allowed in TX to convert a bathroom..........I was wrong, again! After talking it over with several other contractors I found out it was actually a low big. So I was so frustrated at work and so teary that my friend Gena set up a fundraiser for Jude's bathroom. She had been wanting to do this for awhile, but I kept challenging her for a few reasons.  

1. We are better off than a lot of other people are in our situation.
2. This is OUR fault because we didn't have the savings when something tragic happened.
3. Fundraiser for us vs. someone else makes me uncomfortable.

However, I was very grateful. She collected about $200 so far and that will help a lot.

I have a lot to cover in this blog so I hope I don't ramble to much. I learned a lesson this weekend and it's one I want to convey. My husband has nicknamed me "Snow White" partly because I am so naïve and partly because I choose to see the good in life vs. the bad.
Well we recently had to replace all four of Mike's tires on his SUV which was a little over $500. I had saved for this so we were prepared. I also have been saving for our trip to Houston for Emily's event and for Jude's bathroom. However this weekend we ran over a construction key that was dropped in our neighborhood and my tire in my van had to be replaced. Once they put it up on the jack we found that the front right tire was wiggling because the bearing/wheel assembly HAD to be replaced. My good friend Gena's husband had already discovered this issue, but we thought we had some time left...negative. So it had to be done..........the estimate $450. Gulp. So I just started crying. It seemed like every time we save for a trip and plan to get away to re-coop our minds the devil attacks us. So Mike looked at me and said, "I take this as a blessing because if that key had not have wound up in your tire we never would have known and I could have lost my whole family on the way to Houston". I agreed with him and was surprised that my Snow White outlook had rubbed off on him. I vowed right there to look at this situation differently. So we took the van to his brother and his brother replaced the parts for about half what the facility quoted. I guess God needed to remind me that sometimes things happen for a reason.

So as frustrated as I was about finances my aunt then called to tell me the family has decided to help with Jude's bathroom for Christmas. How nice, how kind, how thoughtful! They understand the basics of it. They know that we can try to convert as cheap as possible (which we still are) but we also need to make it look decent to not lose house value.......especially since we are nixing the master tub. They get there is a shower next to a bath with a window above so there is demo, plus drain routes, and other issues that make this more expensive than we wanted. They have seen the bathroom and the lay out. So as easy as it is for people to think of solutions for us it's hard to understand until you see the lay out why we are in this jam. They also know my goal is to do the bathroom and then get the carpet out of the downstairs. So they are helping and that is very nice.

Tomorrow Jude goes for his Botox injections to help with his tone and pain in his legs. Mike is taking him. He said he will get 15 shots which makes me sad. I hope the shots don't hurt him and I hope this helps his little legs at night while he sleeps. Jude has had a wet cough lately and wants to be held, but I am keeping positive that he is just fine. He has been very talkative and very smiley with me. I think he will do great in Houston and I hope he will enjoy the change in scenery. We have a great place for him to stay with a pull out couch in the living room just like his futon. We will take his tumble seat and more to help him keep upright to prevent any settling of fluids.

Emily has an event tomorrow at a local Elementary school to talk about the importance of community service and about Emily's Smile Boxes. She will also be reading the children a Christmas story about giving. I am looking forward to it. She also has an Emily's Smile Box event on 12/8 at the Marriott. Here is the invitation if you would like to bring your children. Also, we will be collecting unwrapped toys to give to Toys 4 Tots if you would like to bring one. In addition Emily's Smile boxes will be adopting two angels this Christmas, a boy and a girl. If you would like to help you can visit for information on donating. Let this Christmas be about hope, forgiveness, and giving from your heart :)

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dannette said...

Have you looked into getting additional funding through places like United Cerebral Palsy? We were fortunate to have the UCP, Children'a Miracle Network, and another funding source specific to our state that helped us fund our bathroom. Hope you have a smooth renovation - ours took 3 weeks of being without a main bathroom, but so worth it in the end.