Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Update

So Friday night, and Saturday night Jude had a hard time sleeping again. The Melatonin would work for awhile, but then he would wake up very cranky. Finally on Sunday, Jude opened his mouth, and I saw a bloody gum, and I knew the culprit. Jude is cutting another tooth, and it is really bothering him. So on Sunday I used Orajel, and more to help him with his issues. The Orajel doesn't seem to affect his seizure medications, and Jude normally hates the stuff, but this weekend he was grateful for it. With the increased Felbatol, and the teething solutions, Jude seemed to have a very good day on Sunday. In fact, I was able to position his little Sun in his hand, and Jude liked that very much.

Emily's friend Casen came over on Saturday night, and informed us he had seen the new Karate Kid movie, and that it was amazing. I asked him if he had ever seen the original movie, but he had not. I told the kids that it was a requirement to see the original. So on Sunday I picked up Emily's cousin Faith, and we planned on a movie day. We cooked turkey dogs, made sundae's, and settled in for a movie day. The kids had a good time watching the movie, and they had an even better time making fun of our clothes in the 80's. According to them the 80's were about fifty years ago, and they were amazed we all didn't have cell phones. After the movie the kids went outside, and painted our sidewalk with sidewalk paint, it was a good day.

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Jude has his blood taken today to check his medication levels, and he sees the neurologist tomorrow.


Candace said...

What a sweet video of Jude! Glad the kids had fun making fun of the 80's...can't say I blame them. I don't even want to remember them, myself!

Stover Family said...

Have you tried using teething tablets? They are homeopathic, over the counter tablets that you can place under his tongue (they dissolve almost instantly, no chewing) and give my 19 month old relief in about 10-15 minutes. He prefers them over orajel for sure!