Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last night

Before I left work yesterday Mike called to tell me he was really concerned about a seizure Jude had just experienced. This concerned me since Mike is more rational about medical situations than I am. When it comes to my children I tend to get a bit panicked. Mike said the seizures was very violent, and he noticed Jude's face becoming red and splotchy, and he knew this was a sign of a loss of oxygen. He said it was near the end of the seizure that he finally got the pule/ox meter on him, and it read 86, and heart rate 53. I immediately put a call into the neurologist, but I haven't heard back from him yet. My main question is, why is Jude's heart rate dropping during the seizure when it normally increases?

By the time I got home, Jude was very happy again. He was quietly laying in the floor on his Cowboys blanket looking at his lava lamp. When I came over to him, and picked him up he gave me the biggest grin. He opens his mouth towards me which I have labeled his "kiss". When I picked him up I admired how beautiful he is, I guess all moms do this, but I was in awe. He has the biggest round brown eyes, full lips, cute little cheeks, and an adorable grin. For a second I felt so sorry for him that he cannot sit up, or walk, to show off his pretty face. Then I realized I was not feeling sorry for him, but sorry for myself. Jude doesn't know what he can, and cannot do. He may get frustrated that he cannot sit up, but he is happy with who he is. He is in a family that loves him, and as long as someone is holding him he is a happy little baby. So who am I to "feel sorry" for him, when I should only encourage him to succeed further in life. So I gave him a big kiss telling him how beautiful he was, and he squealed with delight.

It was another up, and down night with Jude. I am not sure what is going on, but I will post an update if anything changes.

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Candace said...

crap! I know that must be so scary, Jenn, for both of you! Mike is a good daddy, so tell him we said so!