Saturday, June 5, 2010


Jude has been a bit better today. He had one crying fit with me, but otherwise he has been very smiley. I think that Mike, and Jude both need a break from each other throughout the week, and when the weekend comes they both relax a bit. I am currently watching Jude on his tummy, while he is trying his best to lift his head up. He is actually doing pretty well, and he is really cute. Oh wait....He just gave up, and is now looking back at me a bit tired. His little head is laying on his blanket, and his eyes are turned my direction, he looks very cute. I am very proud of how hard is working to make himself move. I think the failure to move his body is part of his frustration, and the reason for his crying. Mike says that during the week Jude seems like he wants to get up, and walk, and is very frustrated that he cannot. He is constantly pulling his body forward while you are holding him like he is trying to sit up. Maybe his determination will take him further than anyone expect? Of course he has suffered more seizures this morning, but we can deal with them. I wonder if the neurologist ever thinks Jude will be seizures free? This is a question I have for him at Jude's next visit.

Emily is with her dad this weekend, and the house is rather quiet. I have Scentsy party later, but until that time I am relaxing in my PJ'S. I haven't done a whole lot today, and it's pretty nice. I wanted to work in our backyard, but by 8am it was already scorching hot. Texas is about to get our first 101 days this weekend. Now let me clarify that I prefer the hot weather over the cold, but I prefer it inside the air conditioning. I know that makes no sense, but that's just me. I am an odd bird I guess.

Next week I need to start thinking about Emily going to middle school. As I mentioned she has been assigned the clarinet in band, and I must look into renting the equipment. It seems my days are rather full, so hopefully this will be an easy process. I am so happy that schools in TX are now requiring students to learn an instrument prior to graduation. They also require at least one other fine arts course, so Emily has requested theater. Imagine that........little miss drama queen in theater, she will knock them dead. She is also enrolling in pre AP math, and science so she can set her course to advanced math in high school. It's really amazing to me that kids start working on a future college career in middle school. I guess I just never understood the dynamics of school, and the levels you have to advance, and neither did my grandparents I grew up with. If I had been aware of all the paths you had to follow I would been more dedicated.

I am planning to convince my husband that we need a night out, and a sushi dinner. We will take Jude with us, and as my husband says "party down". A big party full of sushi, a movie, and my pillow! Sounds heavenly.

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Jennifer said...

Emily will be SO good in theater! You know she's already comfortable on stage in front of a crowd thanks to her pageant experience and new found television interviews! I think it will be a perfect fit for her.