Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr updates, and more

I currently feel like the cat on the front of the "I hate Mondays" shirt again. A little frayed, my eye twitching, biting my lip, come on you know you can picture it. I just told my co worker that I feel like I keep putting my finger in a light socket. In other words I have been so busy at work that I am just frazzled! Considering she just yelled at an inanimate phone, she is pretty busy too.

So last night when I got home from work, Mike had Jude laying on the floor and his legs on his boppy. I looked down at him, and thought "hmmmm", then Mike came up and said "Yeah why didn't we think of that before." So last night when Jude went to bed we carefully placed his boppy inside his crib. We put Jude's legs on one end, and then laid his head on his pillow.
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This seemed to work for awhile, but Jude did wake up crying with his leg twisted underneath him twice. Twice is better than consistently, so I will take those numbers any day. In addition Jude woke up multiple times last night due to his teeth, but we would resolve that, and he would eventually go back to sleep.

Mike took Jude to the neurologist today, and my son is 37 inches long!!! Can you believe that? The neurologist was impressed with Jude's current cognitive abilities. He said he believes the Felbatol is working, and plans on decreasing the Depakote, and increasing the Felabtol even more. Mike relayed to him about the horrific seizures we have seen, but the doctor believes that is because we needed to adjust that Felbatol to a higher dose, which we have done. The doctor also stated he will help us get bedding to keep Jude from twisting his legs under him in a W position at night. Mike said the Dr's nurse inquired if we have heard from the state regarding Jude's in home nurse, but he told them we have not. Mike said she shook her head, and said they were all very disappointed in this situation, and will work to help Jude in anyway they can. Overall it was a good visit, and we were relieved. The doctor said he is going to delay Jude's MRI until he is three, but we are to schedule the suck swallow test whenever we can. We are going to go directly through Baylor to set that appointment up. This will be more convenient for us since the hospital is almost an hour away, and Baylor medical center is so much closer.

Last night I dealt with pre teen hormones again, and as much as I love my little girl I was resembling the above mentioned Monday cat. Finally after I was at my wits end with her talking back, Emily could tell I was exasperated. So Emily grabbed some sidewalk paint, and went out to relieve her aggression on my concrete.........well and my tree
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Luckily my lovely neon pink tree will be back to normal after it rains, or I am sure the HOA would have something to say about it. At least she was advertising her charity, see below.
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The night air was wonderful, and I think it calmed everyones nerves. Emily came back inside much happier, and then insisted on going to sleep in my bed. I think she just wanted to be near me. Emily is such a good kid, and I have faith she will continue to be.

Our lovely friend in California, Christina has recently done something very nice for our family. She makes regular contributions to Emily's Smile Boxes, but starting last week we all had surprises. First we received a nice brown package labeled "Mr Biggs", and inside it was a cute dog toy. Next Jude got a very cute Zoo toy, which he loves. Then we got a box full of supplies for Emily's Smile Boxes, and next I have been informed are some other items for Emily, and Mike. She is so kind to think of my family. Here is Jude with his new toy.
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So we are pleased with a positive neurologist visit. We will be increasing the Felbatol as stated. We are still waiting on the blood results, and we will be working with the PT to get the right bedding for Jude.


Candace said...

Well I am glad that he had a good visit! You know we used to use a boppy for Faith when she was really little for bed. I don't know why I didn't tell you that before! Poor Emily and poor Jenn, I know that is a road I am DREADING with Faith! LOL!

Katy said...

Charlie has that toy and LOVES it--all the high pitched squawking and singing a boy could ever want.

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Finnian is 5 and we still use the boppy for him. They were a God send when he had his hip surgery.
Have you thought about going to an ortho doc with Jude? We took Finnian and he got braces to wear on his feet and also for his hands to prevent fisting. Just and idea and I know its hard to have to add more doctors on to the list that you have to see I think we are at 10.