Friday, June 18, 2010


It's the weekend, and I am so happy. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, and then spending a much needed night away with my husband. Our friend Gina is coming over to watch "Gone with the Wind", and hold Jude for us while we are out. Emily is with her dad this weekend so she will be doing her own thing.

Yesterday I had the "Mirena" ......... well er um .... installed. Since there are men that read this blog, I will spare you the details. If you are unaware of what the Mirena is, then look it up. The out patient procedure is fairly easy. I have had two kids so I talked through the procedure, but my doctor informed me at the beginning you are either fine with it, or a "gripper and screamer". Luckily I handled it fine, but what I like to call the after shocks, rather stink. I felt pretty bad yesterday so when I got home Emily was very inquisitive as to why I felt so blah. I felt she deserved to know the truth so I explained to her what I had been through that morning. To my surprise Emily became very upset. She told me with a pouty lip, "but I thought we would have another baby". Um WE? .... WE? I said, "Well honey, we cannot afford one right now, and without a nurse we have little help with Jude". She got a little teary, and said "but I wanted a baby sister". This really just left me speechless, and I was wondering what to say. I assured her if things change the "situation" is easily reversed. She seemed okay with this. I guess we are all a bit emotional at times about babies.

Jude is pretty needy tonight, and wants to be held constantly. Currently he is on his tummy, and he will be okay there for awhile. I am watching him on his tummy trying to use his knees to crawl. I really think that someday Jude will find a way to move himself about. His legs work great, it's just his torso, and neck that fail to move in the right direction.

Jude did not have therapy today, but he will resume his normal routine on Monday. He will also start his increased dose of Felbatol. I will let everyone know the results. We will also be setting up his swallow test soon.


Midwest Mommy said...

I hope you have a great night out tomorrow! Have fun.

Rubypat said...

I love reading about Jude; and hearing of the progress he is making. If he is able to move his legs, would a wheeled 'creeper' on which he lays, strapped on, help him to move around? Sometimes we need to be creative to get our special little ones to be able to do things. Good luck.