Thursday, October 2, 2008


Let me start this blog out with saying "achoooooooo!". That seems to be all I am doing lately because my allergies are so insane. Jude has been doing the same thing and he has the cutest sneeze ever!! It's a teeny tiny "achoo!" and he does that little gasp for air and sneezes again, and then moans. He is currently playing with Emily, and they are having a great time together. I am encouraged to seeing him holding his head up so much lately. That is signifies learning to me, and he is also learning that if he cries he gets picked up, if he throws his arms up he gets picked up, and if he is hungrier then he eats more. He currently just took 6 ounces in once sitting!
So I forgot to mention that when we were in the neurosurgeons office I was told that there are many babies he deals with that have MUCH worse brain issues than Jude. He said that these parents know that their children will be born with nothing much more than a brain stem. I wonder how these parents deal with this? I also wonder what I would have done in that situation. I am not sure I would have the determination to continue the pregnancy in that type of situation because my child would have no quality of life at all. I guess I never assume anything anymore though because it's always different when you actually face the issue head on. I look at Jude now with his cute eyes looking at me, and I wonder how anyone could even have suggested terminating him. I even think he is pretty cute when he has lost part of his hair in the! Em never lost any of her hair, but Jude has lost some in the front. See...
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Also, when Jude is OVERLY fussy he gets a trip in his car seat because it makes him happy. I called my cousin the other day asking her if it was horrible that I put him in the seat so he will stop fussing for a few minutes. He is actually a really good baby, but when he is overly fussy that seat soothes him. I think it's because it is so snuggly and it feels like he is swaddled again. He can sit there for awhile and be perfectly content. Some kids like their swings, some like their blankies........mine likes his car seat....go figure!!!! When he gets a bit fussy at night when someone else is holding him then he is normally looking for me. I overheard my husband tell someone he feels a twinge of jealousy when Jude turns his head sharply when he hears me. He just hears my voice all day though, and has heard me for 9 months prior to that. So anyway in regards to his development... we will wait until the MRI at 3 months which will be in December. Speaking of Jude's 1 month bday is today. After the MRI we will still wait and help Jude with whatever he needs help with because he is our special boy and Em is our wonderful girl.

So let's talk about my husbands Jack Russell Terrorists he has in our backyard....... sigh. When we decided to start dating my husband confessed to me that he had three Jack Russell's. I instantly had nightmarish flashbacks of my cousins Jack Russell named Stickers that was hell on wheels. That isn't being negative or talking about her either, because she would post on here that he was crazy. So I said to Mike "THREE you have THREE? Are you insane?". They are pack hunters and therefore a handful when a pack. They will dig towards light, and basically kill anything small like..........well let's just say a small tribe of baby ducklings that walk through your backyard on their way home (sigh sniff sniff). Anyway, he adores them so with my three cats, and his three dogs we formed the brady bunch of animals. We have hence lost one cat that we were very sad about. We now have left Scooter the cat indoors/outdoors, and Angel indoors only. Scooter is was a small slender short haired black and white cat that Mike rescued and brought home to us from the condo's he works at. Despite whether Mike and I had stayed together Em, and I decided to we would keep Scooter and give him a good home. Since that time he has eaten many a morsels of Purina, and many a mouse because he is roughly the size of a small bean bag! Although he is the BEST cat and will let Em do anything to him hence his pics in strollers, baby clothes, and many a bonnet. Angel, well Angel is just another story. As a young woman I had a GORGEOUS chinchilla Persian who adored me, but had issues with my ex husband so she had to find a new home (Sad face). She was fluffy, beautiful and loyal to me SOOOOOO I wanted another fluffy cat. I decided to go in search of another fluffy cat and found Angel who was adorable, fluffy, cute, and sweet. She has since turned into the Devil incarnate! She is a pretty grey with twinges of beige in her. She doesn't like to be petted, loved on, or held. She will meow to you, and wants what she wants when she wants it .......she is a! I digress to the dogs though and will explain their nicknames of houdini's, jack Russell terrorists, and thiefs. So let's provide some about the one where it was pouring rain outside when I suddenly heard loud yelping like someone was in serious pain so I went running outside and got soaked to the bone. After running around the corner I could only see Lady's (the girl) butt sticking out from under the fence, and her belly was obviously stuck. She had tried to dig out but had been unsuccessful. I had to wriggle in the mud to try to get her out of her hole so I was trying to get her in the fence while she is trying to work her way out of the fence. After much work I finally won and got her in. Now let me explain that the reason it was muddy was because it wasn't just raining as mentioned, but it was storming. The dogs hate storms and will do everything they can to get inside the big house even though they have an amazing dog house. Yes, my husband built them a police dog grade dog house. So after my nightmare of working to get her free of her muddy prison the dogs then attacked me to try to get into my house. With THREE of these dogs you pretty much need Cesar Milan (the dog whisperer) to get anything done. So picture this..........I am trying to get into my back door and the dogs are running over me to get in as well. The bottom of my pants were covered in mud, but now every inch of me is being pawed and soaked in mud, rain, and nasty stuff. I am screaming, and they yelping, biting, and then the broke free!!!!!!! It's now a free for all in my house with muddy paw prints being left as they dart across carpet, vinyl, tile, and beds. I am screaming and they are then hiding, and my husband is ............ not there.........he is at my cousins. I am nursing bites, scratches, and wounds. So calmly I pick up my phone and call my cousin and say "Put my husband on the phone...............NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!". All she says is "Man I don't know what you did but here" and hands him the phone. My husband rushes home, and when he walks through the door he sees me standing there covered in mud still panting, still wet, and holding a collar. All he mutters is "oh dear". I just look at him and say "Get them OUT!!!!!!" I then poor myself and drink and storm off to the!
Anyway, so I could also go into the time they escaped and we looked for them for days, the time they bit Emily while trying to get candy in her hand, how they bark in the morning until the get a treat, how Spot (the big one) almost ran over the baby bolting in the door, how they fight each other, how they hump each other, etc etc etc but we won't. I can tell you that their most annoying factor is the "howl" the legendary terrorists howl! It's rather a cross between nails on a chalkboard and the screeching air horn (and no that's not exaggerating it's a perfect description)! It starts with Spot (the heavy one) barking in a shrill tone in response to other dogs in the neighborhood or someone walking by which then starts Lady yelping. In response to Lady yelping Jack starts his hardly heard very loud an shrill and then they go in chorus! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You open the door and have to get them to HUSH! They honestly sound like they are being hurt. Despite, all this I do love them and they crack me up. I can complain and complain about them, but for some reason every time I go to the store they get a treat.
So Lady is the female and is the oldest out of the three. She was bit in the lip as a pup and the poor thing just isn't very pretty, and will probably die with a ball in her mouth from playing fetch. She honestly would chase a ball into a wall 50 thousand times if you let her. Jack is the little one and I guess you could say is Lady's husband. He is the good one and a calm little boy who would love on you for hours if you would just let him. Spot is basically baby Huey and if he could sing I am bringing home a baby bumblebee he would! He is the offspring of Jack and Lady and is HUGE! He is the biter, fighter, and all around teenage shit of his parents. I am sure they are very exasperated with him too! lol! Like I said I love the dogs, but they do make for some good stories. My cousin has heard their screeching howl and it's really just impossible to tell you how hilarious it is until you hear it. She just goes "OH MY WORD.............REALLY?". ha!

Lady ~ the treat barker
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Jack ~ the little sweat pea
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Spot ~ The rebellious teenager from hades
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