Sunday, October 19, 2008

The big weekend

Well this was our big Anniversary weekend!!! I really wanted to look pretty for my husband so I ran get beautiful errands all day Saturday. Although, we actually started out at 8 am with softball pics of Em, then Em had to get ready for her uncles wedding, meet her daddy at noon, and then I went to get my make up done, and then my hair done. We are lucky because our local hairdresser/salon is a good friend that Mike trades work with, and therefore my "maintenance" is free. Unfortunately, in the midst of getting myself pretty my son ran out of formula so we had to call daddy. I thought I packed plenty of bottles, but it seems little man is VERY hungry these days. So Mike met us at the salon and he brought another bottle. He even held Jude and fed him while I got my hair done, and that made me smile. I love the fact I have a husband that is very thoughtful. He is so genuine, and truly makes me feel beautiful when I am probably not so cute. When I got home from getting myself fixed up he had beautiful pink roses (my fav) waiting on the counter. He also had a gorgeous scrapbook called "us through the years" on the counter. On top of the present there was a wonderful, and sweet card from him. I thought it was the greatest gift ever, and I THOUGHT my gift was done. I knew we didn't have much money this year, and honestly the card was enough for me.
So the day progressed and I packed Judes bag in preparation for our night. I had mentioned in the blog before that thanks to my cousin we were planning to stay at the hotel we stayed at last year on our wedding day. We packed up Jude's play yard (which is like packing part of the pentagon), packed formula, cleaned bottles, gathered diapers etc. We dropped Jude at my cousins, and I waited to feel a twinge of guilt. I felt so guilty the first time I left Emily, but I didn't this time with Jude. I knew he was in good hands, and I knew we deserved a night away.......... maybe it's being older with this baby? So we ventured to the hotel, and I still didn't know where we were going to eat. We checked into our room, and my husband offered to take our luggage (which consisted of 2 small bags) up to the room. I looked at him perplexed and said "that's ok I can make it up to the room". So we dropped our stuff off, and then he suggested having a drink down at the bar. He knows I love an extra dirty martini, but the problem was I haven't had one in almost a year. So I was hesitant, but Mike insisted we go and have 1 drink. He then said "I left my phone in the room" and left to go get it. I thought it was odd he left his phone, but I just accepted what he said. About 20 minutes later he called, and said he had to go to the bathroom and to please come upstairs. At that point I knew something was up!!! Why would he call me??
So I ventured upstairs only to find rose petals in the hallway of the hotel!!! Then I got to our room and the door was cracked. I pushed the door open, and there were pink candles, and rose petals everywhere!!!! So it seems Mike had called the hotel and overridden the prior reservations (awwww). He moved us to a room with a balcony (which was still no charge thanks to my cousin). He requested dinner be served on the balcony vs going somewhere, and there were a ton of candles out there too. He had dinner served, a bottle of wine, and it was all gorgeous. So it turns out he had called Kel, and Sarah to ask them their advice on what to cute!! He said he wanted everything be "very special" this year. The one thing that really got me though??? We finished dinner and Mike brought out a white cake box. My wedding cake was NOT what I wanted last year. The lady that did the cake did not make what I wanted, and in addition to that the hotel lost our wedding cake topper. Well inside the white box was the top tier to a gorgeous wedding cake, and it was even in our wedding colors. I teared up when I saw it, and thought about how lucky I am. So we finished off our bottle of wine, and champagne. I thought about the headache I would have in the morning, and I enjoyed my night with my hubby!!! Although, I did wake up at 2, 4, and 5:30........sigh! lol. We also had to move rooms because local nascar lover next door with the screaming children also snored so loud he out-snored his tv. I looked at Mike and said "We cannot sleep at home there is no way we are not sleeping here". So the hotel came up, listened to the noise, and gladly moved us. It was like a BEAR was next door. lol! All in all though it was a fabulous night, and the first time we felt truly relaxed in months and month. He did all this with a hurt back too! He is so sweet
So the next morning we got up and had a wonderful breakfast. Then we left, and my heart started pounding thinking about picking up my little baby. It turns out he was very good for Sarah, and I think they enjoyed having him. I held him for a long time, and then I then looked forward to picking up Em. Em had called me earlier in the day, and told me she and her dad were going to watch the game with friends at Fox/Hound. So I texted him right before the horrible nerve racking Cowboy game ended, and asked him if it would be better if I picked her up early so they wouldn't have to get back out. I had the best intentions, but I don't think it came across that way. Anyway, I still got her early, and I am always happy to have my kiddos together. I felt horrible though because we went to the store after I got her and Em started crying saying she missed her daddy. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me feel terrible, and I told her (she left her phone at his house) maybe we he brought her phone back tomorrow they could go eat together. SO then she got home, and Mike wasn't here because he is quoting a large paint job for a house about an hour away. So she teared up saying she missed Mike, and wanted him to be at home. I think maybe I am dealing with some pre-little lady emotions. I also think she struggles with having her dad, and step dad around. I assured her she was a lucky little girl to have a dad who loves her SO much, and a step dad who loves her too. That many little girls don't have a dad that loves them at all. Em is just so sensitive.
So while at the mall on Sat I saw a woman with 3 kids, and one was about 3 years old. He should be walking on his own, but was in a stroller with toys attached to it. He looked normal except for a little bit smaller head, and skinny legs/feet. You could tell he was just a little .....different. It's a strange feeling that you can accept your life the way it is, and then suddenly you stop at a situation you see and it makes you panic, feel sympathy, feel compassion, or feel love for the family. You work through your emotions, you find acceptance as mentioned, and you realize what may lie ahead. Jude was wonderful while I was at the mall though, and everyone commented on how beautiful he is. All the children are beautiful though.............all of them.

My gorgeous cake!
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My pretty flowers:
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Ems hair I mentioned yesterday

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