Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deal or no deal

Prior to starting this blog let me confess that I realize I had many a typo's in my blog about my anniversary. Luane was sweet to comment on the night, but I am not sure how she made it through my rambling..ha. I am so tired at night sometimes that my brain runs ahead of my typing, and thus leaves a story that may not be coherent.
I am watching Deal or no Deal right now, and observing the cute little nurse hoping he has the million dollar case (it's down to only 2 cases).......I am biting my nails........stand by. He has the (drum roll) ................... $1 case ........ oh SEE you should have listened to your mother man, and taken the $416,000!!!! We tell you guys this all the time "LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER". We are smart, we have experience, and we realize that $416,000 in one lump sum is probably the largest single volume of cash you will ever see at one time! Mike and I are now discussing the necessity of listening to your mom while I type, and he feeds Jude. Mike said his mom always said "You just remember how bad you are and you are going to have a scroungy little boy JUST LIKE YOU"!!!. Um, ok hold up and rewind please. I was a a good little girl........and no I am not lying (well under 7 anyway) so why do I deserve a naughty little son in the future???. When I was little I had this little red step stool, and when I did something I knew was wrong I would take my step stool into the living room. I would carefully place said stool in the middle of the floor and sit there and cry until my dad got home. I would then spew out my sin in tears like I was in a Catholic church in confessional. So therefore, maybe my goodness will offset his badness. Speaking of I was a kid that would leave early in the morning, and you wouldn't see me until my dad would whistle for me to run home for dinner. I was filthy from head to toe, but I had a wonderful day of playing. I didn't need a tv, video games, or music to put me to sleep because the running outside had taken every bit of strength I had. I wish there were still days like that for our kids, but I guess times have changed.
I ran myself ragged again today between cleaning, baking, burping, laundry, work, etc. I guess that is the life I will be getting used to though, and it does give me stuff to do. I also swept the back porch tonight and cleaned up the charcoal bag the Jack Russel Terrorists tore apart. Yes, there was charcoal all over my patio (black nasty chalky horrible charcoal). I scooped all the bricks into a trash bag, and as I was sweeping the little dog Jack wanted to be king of the charcoal trash bag and sit on top while the big fat youngest boy Spot wanted to tear it apart again. I then threatened to tear apart their a$$ and they moved Speaking of be be dogs, my cousin came home tonight, and found bird feathers all over her house, and not a dog of hers in site. She finally found her best behaved dog hiding and looking like "Oh man we are in trouble". So she called for her mischievous dog (a Yorkie poo) who proudly came bouncing around the corner holding my cousins parakeet in her mouth. I guess the poor little bird some how wiggled out of his cage, and thus the tiny dog felt the chase is on!!!! It seems the bird lost the chase. My cousin said she is left with the one parakeet with a crooked beak....ha. I was there for awhile writing a life policy for her husband, and the dog would walk up to my cousin and she would just glare at her. She said wanted a nice dinner of bird that she was in trouble. I think my cousin was pretty upset over the bird loss. Sorry girl! I told her about all the poor animals the Jack Russell Terrorists have killed. They are pack hunters so NOTHING can come in our backyard.......including the family of 6 small baby ducklings who landed with their mom on accident. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So Jude is in his baby blue pajama's and sitting on his dads shoulder now trying to burp. He looks adorable, and is lifting his head so well now. I also forgot to mention that he rolled from his back to his tummy last night. I truly hope he keeps on hitting his milestones. I still catch myself carefully examining his head while he is in someone else's hands. While in my hands he looks so much larger than he used to. In someone else's hands I realize just how tiny he still is. He doesn't smile as much as I want him to, but granted he isn't even 2 months yet. Sometimes when holding him I caress the back of his head wondering where the back up of spinal fluid (water) is at. I sometimes think that with a mother's touch maybe I can will it to heal itself. Wishful thinking, but still emotional thoughts that flow through my brain.

I am still working on Emily's Haunted house Halloween cake. Have you ever had a project you were working on already pictured in your mind, and once started it looks nothing like how you pictured it? hmmmmmmmmm. We will see what happens. Emily hasn't even seen it and said "maybe we should just buy a cake". Thanks for the vote of confidence kid!! lol. We DID win second place at the pie contest...gees. ;) Night

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