Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did mommy quit?

So today was one of those days..........to say the least. Let me start from the beginning, and give you the set up. The day actually started off wonderful so I was shocked it wound up as one of those "Mom is walking off the job days". Jude had slept from 11:30 - 5:30 am which is AWESOME, and to me counts as sleeping through the night. Emily did not sleep through the night like that until she was five months old. Anyway, when Jude finally cried for a bottle I woke my husband up to mix one for me while I changed Jude's wet diaper. I knew Mike's alarm was about to go off anyway. After I changed Jude said husband continued to sleep while I fed said baby in bed....lol. Said husband works and I since don't work right now I gladly do all the nightly feeding/changing duties.... plus I cherish my time with Jude right now anyway. Let me rephrase that I work right now I just don't work at Nationwide. Let me also add that Mike is great and helps me as much as he can. Anyway, Jude was a bit fussy today, and did NOT want to be put down (when hubby got home he even wondered what was up). If you put him down he would grunt around, cry, and eventually pull his hair and scream. I was wondering and worrying why he pulls his hair........... so of course I had to research the subject. I have mentioned on here before that he does that, but never on a regular basis. So (again of course) my fears of something being wrong goes into overdrive. Anyway, according to what I have read it's still just his natural grasp reflex. Poor little thing just screams his head off though when he gets a hold of his hair because he won't let go and pulls it hard. Which kills me because I can tell it really hurts him, and I just remove his hand, rub his head, and cuddle him close. Therefore, he pretty much sat with me the whole day which is still wonderful because I adore him. Although, I did HAVE to get some renewals done for work so Jude sat in 1 hand as I typed with the other. A full day of an upset baby can sometimes get a bit tiresome. In addition to the renewals I had several other issues I had to attend to prior to this weekend for our anniversary. I also had to deal with the IRS, cleaning, laundry, setting appointments, getting dinner together, checking on the re-finance, getting stuff set up for this weekend, balancing the checkbook, etc. It was basically just the day of small odds and ends I needed/had to clear up, and then work I needed to do. So anyway, Em came home and asked me if her friend could come in play. I told her she could if she finished her homework, and then finished her chores. She moaned about her chores, and I then reminded her that chores will be a part of everyday life ...hence the reason I have them at home now. They are not hard chores though she cleans the cat box, feeds her cats, cleans up her stuff she drags in from school off the bar area, and folds a few clothes from the dryer. Although, (and I will so SOUND like our parents here) I don't understand why kids have to RUSH through their chores and not do them correctly. If they just did them correctly from the start they wouldn't have to spend more than 20- 30 minutes on them and then go play. So she has 20 mins worth of homework and maybe 20-30 mins of chores.............if that. She is ten and can handle it, and I believe the responsibility is necessary. That leaves her several hours left to unwind, watch tv, draw, or go to her softball/gymnastics. Welp NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it cannot be that easy with them can it??? I had to tell her about ten times to clean up her trail she left when she walked through the door, She still left her hair bands, cell phone, papers, snack wrappers, etc on the bar. Then every time I asked her to clean it she would remove the 1 item I mentioned and leave her others (grrr). Then Jude was crying, my boss was calling, dinner needed to be cooked, Emily was yelling, the laundry was beeping, the door was dinging, the phone was ringing, and mommy FREAKED OUT and wanted to cry! lol. It just built up.........so Mike came home and I tearfully explained what happened. I got a lecture on being more stern, and then I took my keys in hand and said I was going to the store and I would be back. (ever had 1 of those days where you just need 30-45 mins but feel guilty for needing 30-45 mins?). About 45 minutes later I get a call from Mike "babe the baby is asleep........are u ever coming back (and he kinda giggle)". I giggled and told him I was at wal mart buying some special stuff for my heathens bday party. He told me he loved me and he would see me soon. He said he understood I needed a break and that all was well at home so to take my time. The highlight of my day though???? Emily called a few minutes after Mike did, and she said in a tiny sweet voice...."Mommy.............did you quit?" I controlled my laughter, paused a minute, and replied "No honey mommy did not quit, but mommy needs a raise".

She sweetly said "I will give you one"

Mommy bought some calming tea, smiled, and drove home. Only to find the pea soup spitting demon living in my daughter pissed because after I cooked dinner I was asking her to eat chicken in addition to her mac and cheese.



Jude saying "I am innocent here people I have no idea what she is referring to"
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