Sunday, September 2, 2018

What happened Friday and Jude's birthday.

I have had a few days to process everything and I wanted to share what happened Friday. I also didn't want to say anything until we knew more and had all the details. It seems we have that now. 

Mike and I were set to leave on our vacation that would give me a much needed break from life and a chance to celebrate Jude. The day before we left they found Mike's father unresponsive and rushed him to the hospital. His dad has battled lung disease for awhile now and was in a rehab facility after a recent battle with pneumonia. Even though his dad had a DNR someone at the facility intubated him anyway, which in my opinion is just cruel. Mike's mom insisted we go on our vacation assuring us no one would make any decisions until we got back, so we left. About an hour into our drive we get a text that Mike's mom was now found unresponsive, no I am not kidding. The text explained that they needed someone that could make medical decision at the hospital ASAP and so.....we pulled over. Mike and I both shed some tears, not because our trip was cut short but because life is so hard sometimes. So Mike took me home and picked up his brother who is staying with us. I have been so sick that I didn't think it was the best idea to be in a hospital setting. I learned from Jude that more germs lace a hospital than anywhere else. So Mike gave me updates throughout the day as much as he could. 

Mike was able to get his mom and dad put on the same ICU floor and when that was completed and his mom was responding he felt comfortable to come home. I could tell Mike was a bit defeated but he kept his head up. Mike had a long conversation with the doctor and explained if his dad woke up he would be very angry he was intubated and sure enough that's what happened. I won't go into detail regarding all of it because there are a lot of hurting family members. We got a call this morning that they are moving his dad to the in house hospice at the hospital. So his entire family could use your thoughts. Thankfully the majority of family has made it in to see his dad and I know that will provide him comfort. I also know Jude with his ever loving arms is waiting for his grandpa to come play with him. 

Mike's mom has been released and she is staying with family. I would say I would pray for a miracle but I pray for peace in the best manner possible. I pray for peace without pain, peace without sorrow, and peace for his entire family. I admire Mike's family so much. I don't see them all often enough but they have my heart for sure. Mike isn't good with lots of texts and messages so I would ask everyone to refrain until we post more. Thanks

Happiest of birthday's to my little boy. I bet my mom makes you a cake today and my grandparents take you to the park! 

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