Monday, April 3, 2017

A Quick Follow Up

Well the good news is my heart is no longer physically hurting. I tried to relax this weekend and get some extra sleep and it seems to have helped. Then I came to work and it's been so busy I have only literally been to the bathroom twice in 9 hours. 

So it's the week of Jude's loss and we are dealing with it. We are marching ahead even though at times we don't want to. I have been communicating with my loss group and you something that's normal, fighting with your spouse and others. You know what else? Seeming absolutely bat shit crazy. Oh forgive my curse words lately but I am just writing how I feel. I had someone tell me the other day I seemed crazy and like I have put it on display. I probably do at times but I decided that's okay because it could be a whole lot worse. I have maintained my job and my sanity for the most part so I figure I am a few steps ahead in this search for peace. I have watched people, marriages, jobs, and lives crumble in my group from the stress of losing a child so I am grateful God has given me the strength I do have so far. 

As stated we cannot go to Colorado but Mike and I are still planning on taking Monday off. I am not sure what we are doing yet but the right thing will come to us. 

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