Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nightmares and Social Media

I went to a birthday party for a friend last night and it was nice to get out to do something other than work. We enjoyed good conversation but ended up going home a bit early to tend to our animals. Overnight was not as great. I started waking up around 1am with horrible nightmares. They last most throughout the rest of the morning and I would randomly wake up from them. Everything from a demon in our house to Jude being trapped. It's not easy dealing with these and it makes for a very tiring day at work. My co worker explained that the mother of her boyfriend that died dealt with nightmares for years. Ugh, I hope they don't last years. I am not sure what the trigger was but I have it narrowed down to three things. 1. Emily is sick and cannot seem to shake whatever it is and that has me worried. 2. I had to pick up a birthday card yesterday and standing in the aisle I just bawled when I saw a "Happy Birthday Son", card. 3. I fell asleep with the TV on which I never do. 

We watched "Speechless" again last night and if you have not seen this show I highly recommend it. I was perplexed how they would turn a TV show about a family who has a disabled son into a comedy but they have managed to do it and do it well. We relate so much to this show and I just cannot recommend it enough. Catch it on Wednesday nights. 

Now on to social media. Lately I have bombarded social media with information regarding my new venture in Perfectly Posh. First, I know it can be annoying and I know some people have probably even unfollowed me. However I appreciate those that have stuck with me. I don't post as much on the blog since Jude passed so Facebook tends to be my outlet. I also received multiple emails from people after we lost Jude asking how they could help. I appreciate those who recognize that keeping myself busy and trying to improve our life is important. I appreciate those that support the new venture or just choose to listen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

On a funny note my co-worker Chandi signed up underneath me to sell Posh after she saw how great the product was. So today when I came into work obviously broken and exhausted she brought me over the impish eyes she had in her purse for the mile long bags under my eyes. She said "here you need this," hahaha. It's worked a bit because believe me they were terrible.  

We are heading into pageant countdown mode with Emily. This is where she steps up her work outs and more. We get all the final alterations done and pick up all the final outfits. However Emily has been overwhelmed with school and the SAT tutoring lately so I know that has impacted her a bit. School is more important so we will just hope for the best.  

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