Sunday, October 9, 2016

I just LOST it.

Mike and I took Emily to finish up her wardrobe for Miss Texas yesterday and then we had a day to ourselves. We decided to go have lunch and then we came home to finish working on the chicken coop that's being built. Doesn't sound like an exciting day but it was nice to have time with each other. We have both had very sad moments over the last few days so we needed some down time. Then............the septic in our new house started having issues again and I just lost it. I am not sure what it was, the grief, the move, the items breaking, but I officially lost it. I just bawled, screamed, and panicked. To be honest I have no idea what's going on with the septic but I do know we have had an inspector and multiple professionals out here looking at it and so far no one has caught the major issue. We keep thinking it's been fixed only for it to happen again. So my guess is it's either a complete failure or something wrong in the leech field. Regardless it's a lot of money. Just a fluke weird thing that no one could have seen coming.

I had hit my max last night. I guess that can be normal especially after this year. Emily's birthday party was suppose to be today at our house but we had to cancel for obvious reasons. I guess on your 18th birthday there is nothing better than to learn to be an adult and that parties are secondary to a crisis. At least she will have lots of cake left and it's her favorite.  Sometimes I feel like we can never catch a break but then again it could be worse and we know that all to well. So at least we have water, a home, and hopefully a working septic soon. Oh and we have chickens, chickens make me happy.

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