Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Fight Goes On

This is a subject I didn't want to blog about but I figure I should since it's an honest part of our life. I had to fight with insurance companies and Medicaid for years regarding Jude's care and supplies. Every time I turned around I felt we were getting another denial regarding nursing or some other issue. I spent hours of my time on phone calls with companies and arguing with those that thought Jude had no medical necessity. I have large packets of paperwork packed away in boxes providing evidence to insurers why particular items where needed. So why am I writing about this? In April when Jude passed away we filed a claim on the life insurance Mike carried as a benefit through his work. The plan covered him and both children. They have spent months improperly requesting information from doctors thus delaying the decision and now a denial. They basically tormented us for months with their letters and contact. 

Now let me explain. I am an insurance agent and in no way did I think Jude would be covered under his works policy. However when Mike set up his benefits he had me on the phone with him walking through the account each step of the way. When we got to the life portion the only discovery questions asked on Jude was " is the child handicap" which we marked yes. We then began paying on the policy but never received a policy jacket in the mail. We have since been told by the life insurer that the only copy of the policy is provided directly to Mike's work and not to each individual policy holder. His work has yet to find the policy and provide it to us. Inside the policy there is supposedly an exclusion for individuals that are confined to hospitals or home (which Jude wasn't until the end). Makes sense but it wasn't ever provided or disclosed. We also hoped we would never lose Jude but we did. So this was the money we were going to use to reimburse the very large check we wrote for Jude's monument and the rest of the bench that wasn't paid by donations. 

Here is the deal........I would give every last penny I have to have my son back. I would live in a tiny tent with no running water if I could just hold him again.  I don't want money because I lost a child, it sucks. I don't even want to look at payouts but I also hate the fact I am yet again fighting with an insurance company to get what was rightfully Jude's. This has landed me in counseling talking about this very subject and it's been the result of great stress. We will be fine. Thankfully the sell of our house will let us cover the amounts we had to pay but it's just the premise of the whole situation. The fact the corporate America has no class and no regard for human life. The fact we treat our elderly and sick with zero compassion. I believe there should have been better discovery questions in place, a copy of the policy should be provided to the policy holder, and the length of time this has taken is unacceptable. So let's just say without going into to much detail that this won't end here (you heard the tone in my voice as you read that didn't you?) 

I just want Jude back. I hate dealing with this kind of stuff. I wish God would let me write a check for Jude but it just doesn't work that way. Again this is a very personal subject to discuss but I think Jude would want people to know the fight continues. We will be okay. I am a fighter and so was Jude and corporate America has a war on their hands. If anything I will change how this is handled for the next person who has to deal with the tragic loss of their child. 

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krlr said...

I'm sure you know this as an insurance agent, but most life policies cannot be reminded after a certain period of premium payments. And they should provide you with a copy of the policy on demand. Sorry, I know you know how to advocate for yourself but I'm *furious* for you and this last indignation. Often plaintiff counsel end up getting a share of what their clients would have received anyway and I almost never recommend, but this strikes me as strong grounds to file for bad faith. Good luck.