Friday, August 12, 2016

The Car Seat

I am having my car detailed today because I need to trade it in. Jude's car seat is still strapped into his spot in my car and I have not been able to take it out. I was able to box up all of Jude's other items or donate them but I couldn't part with the car seat for some reason. So today the gentlemen cleaning the vehicle explained that they have to have my permission to remove the seat to shampoo the seat properly. I explained the situation and asked them not to strap it back in. Hard day.........just a hard day. 

I haven't felt well lately. I have been late a couple of times to work but Chandi my co-worker is always more than sweet and understanding. She said this will probably continue to happen for awhile until enough time passes that the situation becomes easier to handle. It's nice having people around me that are so understanding. She seems to have a great grip on what it's like to lose a child. She had a fiance that passed away suddenly and she was very close to his mother. She said she watched her go through the grief and understands it's not a quick process. Many of the stories she tells me about his mother I can relate to. 

The house is unpacked and organized which is a relief. We are also working on our new projects which helps keep us busy. When I get home I don't tend to sit down until about 9 each night which is a good thing. 

Emily is starting her college visits today. I cannot believe she will be a senior this year. I am sad she will be leaving home but I am very proud of her! 

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