Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Emily and Jude

Emily rarely had people over to our house when Jude was alive. Since he was so ill I generally would tell Emily and her friends that they had to keep the noise down and I know that was difficult. She told me once that it was also sometimes difficult explaining to people Jude's situation and what all his medical equipment was for plus visitors could expose Jude to more illness. So it eventually morphed into Emily just not inviting people over.  Most days she would just stay home or just would venture out for awhile and get home before 11. She was always attentive to our need for sleep and our need for routine. So the other night she asked me if she could have a group of girls over to decorate overalls for the football games and I agreed. She took her friends up to the large empty room we now have above the garage. After about an hour I went up to see their progress and there in the room with all her friends Emily was laughing and having a good time. It made my heart happy but I knew we both would prefer to still be sitting on the old green couches, holding Jude, and laughing with his nurses. 

I told Mike I wish Jude was at the new house with us but he said that is impossible. He explained that Jude is like a comet that is amazingly bright but can only grace you with his presence for a short time. We have a few cries every now and then but then we take a few more steps forward. Emily inviting people over is a pretty big step forward. 

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meme said...

thats wonderful! even though she loved jude it was not normal for her. time will truly help and make yourself keep moving forward.now might be soon but think about a baby in your future it takes nothing from your love for jude but it sure helps i know my little sister lost a child and three years later had a baby what a differance it made.