Thursday, October 9, 2014

I cannot believe my daughter will be sixteen

Sunday is Emily's sweet sixteen.

I remember when I found out I was pregnant.

I remember when they said Emily may have downs.

I remember when she broke my rib from kicking me so hard.

I have loved her from the start no matter what and always will.

Emily was two weeks overdue and when I finally went into early labor and she took her sweet time getting here. On Monday 10/11/1998 at 4:30pm she finally made her appearance. She had thick black curly hair, big blue eyes, and little chubby rolls. Over the years her hair turned blond, her big bright eyes stayed blue, and the chubbiness all melted away. I have enjoyed watching Emily grow up and I am so proud of the young lady she has become.

Although we get along so well we are actually pretty different. Emily is phenomenal at math and is very good at her studies and that's something I failed at. She doesn't like to go to parties and would prefer a quiet night at home with friends. When I was a teen my philosophy seemed to be the louder the better.  Emily set a goal of becoming Miss Texas Teen USA someday and works harder for it than I ever could have. She dedicates herself to working out three times a week among other lessons and activities. At her age I don't think I would have worked so hard for a goal.  I also know I wouldn't have had her positive attitude to keep trying and marching forward.  

Emily has her faults but in my book they are minuscule. I wanted to raise a thoughtful and kind little girl. One that didn't see race, sexual preference, religious preference, or let anything else stand in the way of having the opportunity of getting to know another remarkable individual. One that didn't judge a situation without knowing all the facts. I wanted to raise a daughter that handled any situation with dignity and grace. I think I was incredibly lucky because that's exactly who I feel Emily is.

We joke how she is an adorable quirky and nerdy girl and I think that's awesome. She walks to her own beat and isn't ever afraid to speak up. Sometimes I see people pass her by versus getting to know her and I feel sorry for them. I feel for them for missing out on such an amazing person. If you take a second to talk to the shy pretty blond she will light up the room.

 I cannot believe time is so fleeting. I get choked up because I know in two years she will be leaving for college. I get teary because I know I will miss her but also because I am so proud.
I hope you have the best birthday weekend Emily! It's been an honor raising you and watching you grow into such an amazing person. Happy 16th.

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